High quality and reliable products are not just made from advanced technologies and sophisticated process, but must also be accompanied by first-rate service in order to achieve the satisfaction required by customers. Here in SHIC we commit to achieve the basic quality principles.

Total Satisfaction

Enthusiastic and friendly service attitude, prompt and punctual delivery schedule, and highly integrated logistics system are the important cornerstones for our fulfillment of our core value-“customer satisfaction”. From our top management teams, to all the product line employees, quality improvement process is like a daily activity.

Complete Ability

Persistence in seeking and evaluating continued innovation to not just improve the job task, work force and production process, but also acquire advanced equipments and technologies.

Absolute Value

Consistence is the core value of product quality. A constant motivation of the work force and their commitment to improve the skills and to achieve the reliability and quality of products is the belief and philosophy of SHIC.

Supreme Excellence

Insistence in continuous quality management and customer satisfaction is in the soul of every SHIC employee. The spirit to seek for excellence is the fundamental concept and working policy.